AMRITSAR: Sant Giani Harnam Singh Khalsa, Head of Damdami Taksal and President of Sant Samaj, while commenting on the incident at Kundli Singhu Border, said that this incident is not an accidental incident.
As a result of the governments not taking seriously the heartbreaking incidents of desecration of sacred images and the leniency shown towards the culprits, it is a compelling step taken by a Singh to maintain and protect his scriptures.
He said that anti-social and divisive elements were constantly desecrating the holy relics of Guru Granth Sahib Ji to hurt the Sikh hearts.
Despite the deep concern in the Sikh community over such daily incidents of indecency, the state governments, including the Center and the Punjab, have always tested the patience of the Sikh community by showing indifference to this serious and serious matter.
He said that such deep conspiracies being hatched for a long time were creating a situation of food war and the society was at a critical juncture. That will not be in the interest of the nation. He said that if the government had taken strict action against the culprits in the cases of indecency, no one would have dared to commit further indecency. He said that the sangat would help in every possible way by contributing to the legal battle of Nihang Singh who took responsibility for the incident at Singhu border.

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