JERUSALEM: Describing Israel as one of India’s “most trusted and innovative partners”, external affairs minister S Jaishankar on Sunday urged Israeli business, including from the defence sector, to invest in the country and take advantage of its business-friendly policies. Speaking at the India-Israel Business Roundtable soon after his arrival in Israel on his maiden visit, Jaishankar said there is an enormous effort of change happening in India since PM Narendra Modi took office and people have heard bits and pieces of that change. “If you were to connect all those dots, I think, you get a picture of an India that is moving towards acquiring those deeper strengths which will make it more competitive in terms of the world economy,” he told the gathering. While this change has been going on for a few years and during the last two years of the Covid-19 pandemic when people have not been in touch physically, interestingly the change process has accelerated, he said. “So, I would urge anyone who has any interest in defence to either directly or indirectly in terms of a platform or in terms of an ancillary or as a vendor to look at those possibilities”.

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