NEW DELHI: The VHP will hold a nationwide protest on Wednesday against attacks on Hindus and vandalisation of temples and Durga puja marquees in Bangladesh. In Delhi, the protest will be held in front of the Bangladesh High Commission, Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) joint general secretary Surendra Jain said at a press conference here on Tuesday. “The incidents of violence against Hindu minorities in Bangladesh have broken all records. While thousands of Hindus have been injured, 10 Hindus have been reported dead till now. The Hindu society will not tolerate these inhuman atrocities. “A massive protest and demonstration will be held on October 20 in front of the Bangladesh High Commission in New Delhi at 11 am. Along with this, protests and demonstrations will be held in every district across the country,” he said. Attacks on Hindu temples have intensified in Bangladesh since last Wednesday after an alleged blasphemous post surfaced on social media during Durga puja celebrations. On late Sunday night, a mob damaged 66 houses and set at least 20 homes of Hindus ablaze in Bangladesh. Condemning the violence, the VHP reiterated its demand that the Bangladeshi government must stop the violence against Hindus and ensure their safety. It also appealed to the United Nations to play “a proactive role” and send a peacekeeping force to Bangladesh “to prevent atrocities on Hindu minorities” in the country. “Extremists will have to be dealt with in the same manner as was done in 1971. If needed, the government of Bangladesh should take the help of the government of India,” Jain said. “The VHP appeals to the government of India to exert adequate pressure on the government of Bangladesh so that the latter fulfils its obligation to ensure the safety and security of its indigenous minority Hindu population,” he added. Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina instructed her home minister on Tuesday to initiate immediate action against those who incited violence using religion as she asked people not to trust anything on social media without fact-checking. PTI PK RC

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