NEW DELHI. Ethnic wear retailer Fabindia’s new collection launched before Diwali, christened ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’, ran into a social media storm on Monday with several users urging consumers to boycott the brand. The brand drew the ire of netizens who charged the brand of tarnishing the Hindu festival of Diwali by giving it a Urdu name. Fabindia’s promotional tweet featured models wearing its Diwali 2021 collection. “As we welcome the festival of love and light, Jashn-e-Riwaaz by Fabindia is a collection that beautifully pays homage to Indian culture,” Fabindia said in the now-deleted tweet. The tweet prompted a reaction from young BJP MP Tejasvi Surya, who accused the brand of ‘abrahamizing’ Hindu festivals. Deepavali is not Jash-e-Riwaaz. This deliberate attempt of abrahamisation of Hindu festivals, depicting models wi…— Tejasvi Surya (@Tejasvi_Surya) 1634545502000This was followed by a larger online debate on how relevant is it to use Urdu words or phrases for Hindu festivals. Many supported Surya’s stance while others argued that Urdu is very much an Indian language, hence the outrage is needless. Branding Diwali as a ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’ is not a random thing. It is a well organized plot to tarnish centuries old c…— Rishi Bagree (@rishibagree) 1634560836000Boycott Fabindia is trending because they’ve poetically named their Diwali collection – Jashn-e-Riwaaz. This is bey…— shunali khullar shroff (@shunalishroff) 1634555105000’Can’t allow dilution of Hindu festivals’ I have no qualms with Urdu as a language. It’s great for poetry, songs and regular use if a person wishes so. But k…— Shaily Singh (@ShailySinghP) 1634616992000everytime i see something written in urdu i simply don’t read it— sibrah (@trashbiss) 1634404603000’De-Hinduising Deepawali’ Wow @FabindiaNews great job at de-Hinduising Deepawali! Call it a ‘festival of love and light’, title the collectio…— Shefali Vaidya. 🇮🇳 (@ShefVaidya) 1634530039000’Haters won’t understand Urdu which language of poetry’ Urdu is the language of poetry, has the quality to make one fall in love. Ofcourse requires finesse to appreciate.…— PratsD (@pratsd) 1634569210000’Strange elitism associated with Urdu’ Not just fabindia, have been seeing this trend all over instagram shops. They would launch their collection with na…— sonal (@sonal_v9) 1634557669000’70% of colloquial vocabulary comes from Urdu’ People who are from UP and outrage over Urdu, where do you think 70 per cent of your vocabulary comes from?— Stuti (@StutiNMishra) 1634613344000’Deeply anti Hindu’ That’s our #FabindiaKurtas in the garbage bin. Never buying from these big brands again. They’re all the same. Deep…— English बहन (@English_bahen) 1634562226000’Irrelevant hate mongering’ Hindutva types want Fab India boycotted because they used an Urdu phrase to describe their festive season clothes c…— Priyamvada Gopal (@PriyamvadaGopal) 1634563448000’Will they call Eid as Bhagwan ka Tyohar?’ Dear brands , We have no problem with Urdu . But problem arises when you start calling Diwali #jashneRiwaaz , bec…— Sumit (@sumitsaurabh) 1634576009000’Destroys syncretism’ This hatred for Urdu is emblematic of the Sangh Parivar outfits and their loony followers. No sense, no reasoning-…— Ajay Kamath (@ajay43) 1634613131000’Deep-rooted complex’ Itna deep rooted complex hai bhai -hope he plus others inflected find something that gives peace to them…— Yasmin Kidwai (@YasminKidwai) 1634610987000’Even dressing style is not Hindu’ Diwali Collection by @FabindiaNews 🙏Mughal Style of Fashion , No Bindi, Dressing Style is not Hindu.I was right…— Superstar Raj 🇮🇳 (@NagpurKaRajini) 1634540051000’They are eliminating India’s Hindu identity’ FabIndia is owned by William Nanda Bissell ..Converted Hindus are more dangerous than born abrAhimics..Look how bi…— Ritu (सत्यसाधक) #EqualRightsForHindus (@RituRathaur) 1634559634000’Will you ban Urdu in every sentence?’ If these stupid right wing groups have a problem with usage of the word Jashn then they will have to end up banning…— Sridhar Ramaswamy శ్రీధర్ రామస్వామి ✋🇮🇳 (@sridhar1085) 1634612098000’Failure on all counts’ Even if they wanted to translate the name into Urdu, a better word would have been Jashn-e-charaagaan. Fabindia was…— Kaushal S Inamdar| कौशल इनामदार (@ksinamdar) 1634607241000’Bhagat Singh wrote articles in Urdu’ Bhagat Singh wrote articles in Urdu and Punjabi. His last letter to his younger brother, Kultar Singh, on March 3rd…— Advaid അദ്വൈത് (@Advaidism) 1634613846000’Communal hate entering our doors’ It started with the lie of ‘suspected beef in refrigerator’. Today, a brand dare not use an Urdu word for a festiva…— Shutter Down (@Sydusm) 1634563636000

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