Singers Shaan and Akriti Kakar joined hands recently to recreate the magic of a Bengali folk song by lending it a twist of their own. Their song ‘Thomkiya Thomkiya’ became the newest Durga Puja favourite. During an interaction with ETimes, the singing duo opened about the remix culture in the music industry and reasoned how different their take is from the mainstream remixes.

Since the song builds on a folk song, we ask Shaan for his take on remixes and the singer pointed out how there isn’t anything wrong in the process of remix because you are taking something classic and bringing it out fresh for the new generation. But is it worth bringing it back? “I have heard some of the recreations that are too new. Probably the same generation has heard the original song, so what is the purpose? The original songs, too, were not in the category of good songs, so it doesn’t make sense to recreate them. I can’t comment on remixes because in the early ’90s, I did a lot of them myself,” he admits.
At this point, his co-singer Akriti cuts in to say, “But those were iconic; they are in my permanent playlists like ‘Dil Kya Kare’ and all…”. And Shan further adds, “I felt like these songs deserved to be brought back to the millennials who were not there during the original song. But you have to choose the song carefully and then decide what you want to do with it. If you destroy the song, then you are done for. So again, it’s all about responsibility and aesthetic thinking”.

Watch the full interview here:

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