NEW DELHI: The six-hour rail roko by some farmers’ organisations on Monday impacted goods trains carrying coal to different parts of the country. At least 46 railway rakes carrying 2 lakh tonnes of coal to power plants were stuck due to the agitation and blockade of rail tracks, official sources said. They added the quantity of coal that got stuck in transit is enough to produce 322 million units of electricity that equals two days of electricity needs of a state such as Punjab. Officials said this happened at a time when the country needs more coal to produce electricity with the economy picking up and huge fall in coal imports because of nearly 300% hike in its prices in the international market. The rail roko agitation had mostly impacted rail movement in Punjab and Rajasthan. Officials alleged “some middlemen” in the name of farmers squatted on railway tracks, causing hindrance in the movement of coal rakes which impacted supplies to power plants. Sources said this is a huge loss to the farmers especially at a time when they need more electricity for irrigation purposes.

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