After making a mark with her strong performances in India, Kubbra Sait made a much-awaited Hollywood debut and proved her versatility yet again. With her stint in Isaac Asimov’s hit show ‘Foundation’, Kubbra became the first Indian actor to make it to the worldwide platform. In conversation with ETimes, the actress spilled the tea about her working experience with the star cast of the show, the success of her character, and upcoming plans for Bollywood. Excerpts… Congratulations on your international debut. How has the response been?Twitter is buzzing, people are calling it a terrific performance, but most of them didn’t expect me there. A lot of people thought I was on a holiday, when I was travelling and shooting. It is a wild character, so I’m excited to be a part of this magnum opus. It makes me very happy and proud. Any particular reaction that you recall?I have received personal messages from people who didn’t expect me to be in the show. They were like ‘Hey, I saw you, I recognised your voice!’ You’re the first Indian artiste who made it to the platform. How does it feel?It’s wonderful! You can go to the platform and watch ‘Ted Lasso, or ‘Morning Show’, or ‘Defending Jacob’ or ‘Foundation’–there are so many incredible shows for you to watch if you want to be inspired or feel a shift in your soul. It’s a huge honour to be on a platform of that stature, and on a show of that magnitude. Can you describe the experience of shooting in the West?It was endless hours on the makeup chair, but it was incredible too because, 10 minutes after me, Jared Harris would sit on the same chair. I felt it was a very democratic experience of working. My colleague Leah Harvey was my greatest nemesis on the show as Salvor. But do you know… even before I got the show, she reached out to me on Instagram and said, ‘Hey do you want to learn your lines? Can I help you?’. This has never happened to me before. No actor has ever reached out to me. In that sense, it was amazing! Last but not the least, only one person says silence on the sets in the West. In India, there are 200 people shouting silence at least 300 times (laughs). Will we see you in more international projects now?Let me at least breathe in, and enjoy the moment. I just finished this one, but yeah, when it hits me, I will let you know. What about Bollywood now?Bollywood is Bollywood; it’s happening and work is happening. I feel great to be associated with wonderful people. I have the opportunity to learn and grow. I’m still here, I live in Mumbai, I have my cats and responsibilities still here. Are the dreams big? Yes. Is the focus now wider? Yes. Are the responsibilities higher? Yes. Do I want to learn my craft better and know more about what I am doing? Yes. I’m not only growing as a human being but also as an artist and I’m not complaining. I’m happy, I love it! From ‘Sacred Games’ to ‘Foundation’, how has been your journey so far?It’s been growing from strength to strength, one project to another, one learning to another, one character to another–that’s the journey. Every character I have played has either brought me immense joy or sadness. I think it has been received so well that I still get calls for shows like ‘Illegal’, something I did long ago. People still call it nice and I’m thankful. Today, anything that you do stays on the internet for posterity. It’s important for me to put good work out there, because who knows, when I’m 80 years old, I might want to go back and watch them again, maybe show it to my grandchild and say, ‘Look this is what your nani did!’ How are you going to select your projects post ‘Foundation’?I’m still going to look at character, importance, conversations and most importantly, how it makes me feel. I’m a very greedy person; I like working with good people. For me, it’s not important if I am in one scene or 10, or the whole film… what’s important is that I learn something new from this moment or push my boundaries even if I am working with you for just one day. I’m just excited to carry forward and see where this entire process takes me.

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