Vidyut Jammwal recently opened up about the questions he is asked as a fitness enthusiast. According to him, one must listen to their bodies need first.

In an interview with a news portal, Vidyut said that in the most part of his career, people have asked him all sorts of irrelevant questions about fitness and that includes what he eats and when he sleeps. Although he agrees that the crux of physical fitness could be drawn to the basics, he added that we must not forget that we are all individual beings at the end of the day. According to him, one must train to listen o their bodies needs first.

Elaborating further, the actor stated that if he tells people to follow what he does, they would just end up being a diseased version of something. It also starts with changing mindsets, he added. According to him, we call a woman thin, and assume that that is a compliment. But if you applaud being thin, every girl will want to be that. However, if you tell her she is glowing with happiness, that’s praise.

Vidyut also stressed on the fact that our bodies constantly communicate with us. But we don’t pay attention to it. He also cited the example of pregnant women who have strange cravings. They are capable of noticing that they want to consume pickle, and perhaps, some ice-cream. That’s how the actor said we need to start listening to our bodies too.
On the work front, his film, ‘Sanak’ recently released on an OTT platform and has been receiving positive reviews.

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