NEW DELHI: India’s Covid-19 taskforce chief Dr V K Paul said on Thursday that India achieving the record of vaccinating 100 crore people and that too through vaccines manufactured in India in just nine months was a remarkable feat. He said consistency is important to benefit from this achievement as he flagged how even now 25% of eligible adults have not taken the first dose of the vaccine and only 30% have taken the second dose. He also highlighted how the second dose is overdue in case of 10 crore people. Paul said the country’s mission will be complete once all adults are completely vaccinated. “We must see this achievement in a true perspective. Consistency is very important…75% of India’s adult population received both doses, while only 35% are partially vaccinated. It means a great achievement, but at the same time 25% of Indian adults who are eligible to receive free vaccines are still out. Efforts must go forward,” he said. Paul, who is also a member of the Niti Aayog, said everyone, including family members, neighbours, grassroot level workers, the civil society and governments should make efforts to get the remaining citizens to vaccination centres. “Two doses have been given to about 30% of Indians, which is fine. But what is concerning is that about 10 crore individuals are now overdue. They should have received a second dose but they have not. So it is now unfinished work that we must accomplish to ensure that those eligible receive the second dose. People should be reminded… We must continue to push the frontier that the first dose reaches universal coverage and we must continue to push the frontier that the second dose coverage also reaches 100%,” Paul said.

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