NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday hailed Infosys and Sudha Murthy, chairperson of Infosys Foundation, as he expressed gratitude to them for their service to humanity. The Prime Minister termed Sudha Murthy as modest, easy-going and compassionate towards the poor. His remarks come a few days after the RSS-inspired “Panchjanya” weekly made serious allegations against Infosys saying that the Bengaluru-based company might be deliberately trying to destabilise the Indian economy and accused it of helping ‘Naxals, Leftists and Tukde Tukde gang’. The PM made the remarks on Thursday while inaugurating Infosys Foundation’s Vishram Sadan at the National Cancer Institute on Jhajjar campus of AIIMS via video conference. “I express my gratitude to AIIMS management and the team of Sudha Murthy ji for this service. Sudha ji’s personality is very modest and easy-going and she is equally compassionate towards the poor. Her philosophy of ‘Nar Seva as Narayan Seva’ (Service to Humanity is Service to God) and her actions inspire everyone. I commend her for her cooperation in this Vishram Sadan,” Modi said in what was a reiteration of the government’s strong rejection of the Panchjanya article. Modi said he was satisfied that many institutions like the Infosys Foundation are helping the poor and making their lives easier in a spirit of service. “And just as Sudha ji has spoken about ‘Patram-Pushpam’ in great detail, I believe it becomes the duty of all the countrymen not to let go of any opportunity to serve,” the PM added. The PM commanded the corporate sector and social organisations which, he said, have continuously contributed in strengthening the health services of the country.

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