Ananya Panday has been summoned by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) for the second day in a row, and speculation is rife that more Bollywood celebrities could also be summoned as a part of investigations in the on-going Aryan Khan drug case. When ETimes reached out to NCB’s officials to ask about the same, they played the information down.

Contrary to media reports and buzz in film circles that more personalities could be summoned, NCB’s officials denied such developments and instead focused on the fact that the NCB has been conducting raids to catch drug peddlers in the Cordelia drug case. A source close to the investigation spoke to ETimes on the condition of anonymity and said, “For the NCB, it is not just about Aryan Khan. It was just that during the investigation Ananya Panday’s name came up and therefore she was summoned by the NCB”.

The line of questioning for Ananya by the NCB will remain the same as yesterday. Did Ananya intend to buy drugs, did she consume drugs, did she help Aryan procure any contraband, and similar questions that were already asked to her yesterday, will be posed at her once more today. The NCB will also use the new information that they may have procured through her chats with Aryan to decide on new questions.

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