SEVENTEEN dropped their 9th mini-album for sans two of their group members – Jun and The8. This is the first time that the group began promotions with only 11 members as the two stars are currently busy with their activities in China. Speaking about this new change, Seungkwan said, “We have always been 13-members since out debut, so I think feeling that gap from the two members who are away is just natural. We were always together not just during our promotions but in our daily lives as well, so we miss them a lot.”Wonwoo also added, “Since this is our first time promoting as 11-members, we are also curious how it will turn out. Jun and The8 filmed a lot of content, like dance performances, with us before they left. We have a lot prepared so that fans won’t have the chance to miss them too much, so I hope you look forward to it.”Pic: PLEDIS Entertainment

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