Cinema is a realm of endless possibilities. From ‘Arrival of a train’ to giant fire-breathing dragons, cinema has indeed opened up a new universe before us where anything is possible. Today, with this write-up, we dig a bit more deeply into the new kinds of possibilities in cinema and into areas that are still unexplored and we are trying to view cinema as a whole without any kind of restrictions as to culture, gender, or even race. We are opening up a new universe by putting an end to the old age question of ‘Is it possible?’ and replacing it with ‘What if it is possible?’. So ready your tickets and let your imagination run wild as ETimes presents the first episode of the series, #Whatif!.Before presenting you the first episode, we would like to introduce you to the character Simon, who will be your guide in walking you through different possibilities in the cinema and will be picking up film topics from all over and will present you with each possibility.#Simon says: “it’s the 20th year anniversary of Harry Potter films, so let’s look into the possibility of #Whatif ‘Harry Potter’ was remade in Mollywood with a whole change in its setting and was played by fictional characters from Malayalam movies”(Picture Courtesy : Facebook)

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