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TONY RENNELL looks ahead at Julian Fellowes’ new society drama 

Posted by - January 17, 2022

Mrs Astor, the formidable Queen Bee of New York society, knew exactly where to drawn the line — and ‘shopkeepers’, even Manhattan’s finest and richest, were most definitely not top-drawer enough for her. ‘I buy my carpets from them’, she once pronounced contemptuously when planning a private ball at home, ‘but is that any reason

In the end, Rick Gervais’ Tony begins grieving

Posted by - January 14, 2022

STORY: A piece of Tony’s heart is gone with Lisa and he is enraged at you and I, along with the whole world. In this dramedy, Ricky Gervais walks us through the various stages of grief and dear life. REVIEW: The virtual crowd wept in unison through the first half of this ever-raging pandemic when